Makuleke finally gets some rain

kruger-rainIt is incredible how just a small injection of nature’s life-giving nectar can have such a profound effect on not only nature’s physical appearance but its mood as well!

It is almost as if every animal has a bit more of a spring in its step, every bird is singing with a bit more enthusiasm, and every bug is scurrying around with a bit more intent. And all the plants have just simply come alive!

The immediate impact that rain has on an ecosystem is, of course, incredible, but have you ever thought about what is in a drop of rain?

We know that rain is water and water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, but in order for a raindrop to form, it needs a nucleus: a small particle right in the middle, around which the water clings in order to form the raindrop. This nucleus can be a small speck of dust or even pollen.

A raindrop, however, contains much more than just a few molecules of water and a nucleus. It contains hope, potential and promise. Water is the universal solvent in which all the processes of life take place. Contained within the perfectly spherical ball of a glistening raindrop is the power to give life, restore strength and wash away the dust of past worries and stress.

Isn’t nature incredible?

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Annemi Zaaiman

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