Higher Certificate: Ecotourism Field Guide

The Higher Certificate in Ecotourism Guiding can equip you with all the necessary skills and competencies to pursue a successful career as a guide in the field of wildlife, dangerous animals, and nature. EcoTraining is currently the only Field Guide training provider who offers this NQF5 qualification.


Enhance your nature guiding skills

This qualification is a first-of-its-kind in the Field Guide industry and is also the highest qualification you can achieve within the guiding industry. EcoTraining’s course on nature guiding is an excellent way to gain a thorough understanding of the principles, theory, and practice of guiding. This course is designed to equip learners with the relevant knowledge and experience needed to specialize in nature guiding. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guide, this course is an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field of nature guiding.

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What to expect from the Higher Certificate in Ecotourism Field Guiding course

Meet important requirements

Upon completing this qualification, you will be able to organize and facilitate innovative guiding experiences in natural and conservation environments while adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.

Gain essential skills

On this course you can acquire the essential skills needed to kickstart your career in tourism and guiding. With the ability to plan, execute, and provide excellent service, you can create a positive and informative experience for tourists.

In addition to gaining the necessary skills to begin a career in tourism and guiding, the program also strongly emphasises safety and responsible wildlife viewing. You will learn to handle potentially dangerous situations, ensuring you and your clients are always safe.

Where the course takes place

The Ecotourism Field Guide course is held at up to four of our EcoTraining Camps in South Africa.

The benefits of taking the Ecotourism Field Guide course

The education you receive is accredited by the Department of Higher Education, ensuring that it meets certain quality standards. Additionally, EcoTraining provides a high standard of education with a curriculum specifically designed for the ecotourism industry. Accredited programmes also generally have greater acceptance of credits by other accredited institutions, making it easier to transfer between institutions. Graduating with the Ecotourism Guide certificate demonstrates that you have completed a rigorous and reputable education programme, which can enhance your employability. Furthermore, Higher Education accreditation is a requirement for eligibility for financial aid, funding schemes and student loans from commercial banks. International students can also apply for a study visa to attend EcoTraining as an accredited private higher education institution. We have strong ties with the ecotourism industry, providing students with opportunities to network with professionals in the guiding industry.

Certification & accreditation

EcoTraining is a private higher education institution that is provisionally registered under the Act until December 31st, 2026. Its Registration Certificate No. is 2023/HE07/001. The South African Council on Higher Education (CHE) is an independent statutory body that provides guidance to the Minister of Higher Education and Training on higher education policies and ensures the quality of higher education and training.

What you can expect to graduate with

Entry level requirements

For entry into the program, learners must meet the following minimum requirements:

The qualification allows for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Classroom Assessment Technique (CAT) in line with SAQA guidelines.

What to pack

We’ve put together a useful packing list for you, so you know what you need to bring with you on this course.

What kind of clothing, gear, bedding, toiletries and shoes you’ll need to be comfortable and make the most of your time in the African bush.

No need to guess or overpack.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Course dates

14 May 2024 – 11 April 2025

FAQ about the 28-day Trails Guide Course

The Apprentice Trails Guide Status is the first step toward obtaining the Lead Trails Guide qualification. You will spend your days walking in the wilderness with EcoTraining’s’ expert Trails Guide Mentors, logging vital hours and encounters with potentially dangerous animals.

The EcoTraining Trails Guide course is endorsed by FGASA and covers all the aspects you will need to receive an FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide status.

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