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elephant sighting on foot

Open your workbooks

Some people look for a way to shorten the time needed to take an EcoTraining Practical Course. Some prefer taking their time to study the theory first. For others, it’s just a very appealing idea to learn more about the African bush from home. EcoTraining graduate Wim tells the story of his online course and how it opened up his path towards becoming a qualified Field Guide.

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Bush Adventures of a Media Intern

After 87 days as a media intern for EcoTraining, I reflect on my time spent in the bush with many new memories and experiences. Being in Africa, out in nature, in unfenced camps, and surrounded by like-minded people is the definition of my happy place. Combined with the opportunity to grow my photography skills, this period of my life is only the start.

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The Birthday Present

During the several months I spent in the bush, I saw simply unique places. I don’t remember a day when I woke up and wasn’t stunned by something!

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The Ultimate Freedom

German backup Felix Hesse finished high school in 2021 and wasn’t clear about what he wanted to study. It was his parents who suggested he do a course with EcoTraining. Felix went camping with his parents in France. Other than that, he hadn’t done much in the great outdoors. Everything quickly changed when he arrived in South Africa in September of last year to do the 1-year Field Guide course.

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The Ultimate Happiness

Life as a backup at Pridelands couldn’t be more different than the one Jule Friehs was living in Germany just a year ago. Jule was working as a biological laboratory assistant. Then she came to South Africa on a volunteering trip, which changed everything for her.

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A Beautiful Experience

Before arriving in remote northern Kruger National Park at Makuleke Camp, first-year student Bella Villaveva had never left the state of Nebraska. “Everything is exciting here,” she says with resounding enthusiasm, “because I had only ever been in the mid-west. I was a little scared as I didn’t know anything about what I was coming to, but it wasn’t for long because the instructors created a base for us, and our common interests united us.

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Cooking on Gas – TK Masango, Pridelands Cook

“TK is simpler for foreigners to pronounce,” smiles Pridelands’ cook, Tsakani Masango. She’s happily been with EcoTraining since 2012 and is the permanent cook at Selati camp, but she also travels between camps when needed. “I love the bush, I love nature,” says vibrant TK, “and I love meeting people from so many different places in the world. It is very amazing.”

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Hot Cook to Cool Camp Co-ordinator

“When I arrived here in 2010, I wasn’t a bush person,” admits Vicky Maluleke, laughing out loud, “but it didn’t take long to become one, and I still love it here.” Camp Co-ordinator at EcoTraining’s Makuleke Camp in northern Kruger, Vicky, is from the local Makuleke village and has an exciting story.

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Mara Training Centre

Located on the banks of the Mara river,
the camp is nestled between communities
and wildlife conservancies.

Makuleke Concession

Explore the untamed wilderness of Kruger
National Park’s Makuleke Concession
with EcoTraining.

Mashatu Game Reserve

Located at the confluence of the Limpopo
and Shashe Rivers, in the eastern
corner of Botswana.

Pridelands Conservancy

A natural wonderland with free-roaming
elephants located in the Limpopo
Province of South Africa.

Selati Game Reserve

A sanctuary for wildlife, providing visitors
an opportunity to witness Africa’s
animals in their natural habitat.

Karongwe Reserve

A unique safari destination that offers
visitors an immersive and unforgettable

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