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Open your workbooks

Some people look for a way to shorten the time needed to take an EcoTraining Practical Course. Some prefer taking their time to study the theory first. For others, it’s just a very appealing idea to learn more about the African bush from home. EcoTraining graduate Wim tells the story of his online course and how it opened up his path towards becoming a qualified Field Guide.

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Understanding Wildlife Tracking

The ancient art of tracking unveils the secrets of animal behaviour. We explore the key steps of identifying, interpreting, and tracking wild animals in the heart of the South African wilderness.

“Do not be afraid to get dirty. Get down on your knees and have a close look at the tracks. It is essential to take your time. You can make a mistake by being too quick on the trigger when identifying tracks,” said Gerhard Delport, a former EcoTracker student.

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EcoTraining’s NEW On-Demand Field Guide Course

EcoTraining’s all-new On-Demand Field Guide Course is the solution for all nature lovers who want to study Professional Guiding but cannot get to the heart of the African bush. The new online course offers pre-recorded lectures covering all 17 FGASA Nature Site Guide qualification modules.

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Why would you choose EcoTraining for your nature courses?

Over the last few years, the field guide industry has expanded and offers various nature/wildlife and guiding courses. Spoiled for choice, it might take research to choose which course and training provider best suits the job. EcoTraining offers a wide range of courses, and we will highlight ten top features that make your task easier.

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Three Years of E-Learning Innovation for EcoTraining

In a world where everything can be done online, why not use an immersive digital experience to learn about and experience the natural world?
Since 2020, the team at EcoTraining has pushed conservation boundaries and worked diligently to create five courses that have seen physical African bush experiences come alive in a world of online information and learning.

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Courses and Experiences Spotlight

Bush Star

It’s unusual for a student to know more than their instructor. But when it comes to astronomy, Elizabeth Fairall is an understated surprise package.

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Courses and Experiences Spotlight

New Beginnings

“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.” – Mandy Hale. On that note, this is how my Professional Field Guide Course with EcoTraining started.

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Courses and Experiences Spotlight

Sabbatical with Elephants

Setting foot on the soil of the African Savannah touches my soul in a way I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Still: just “being there” wasn’t going to be enough.

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Courses and Experiences Spotlight

Passionate about Training

As Training Manager for EcoTraining since 2020, David Havemann trains the trainers. Before this position, he was Head Instructor at EcoTraining’s Selati Camp for six years.

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Find a camp

Study wildlife conservation and accredited field guide courses at any of our pioneering African training camps, around Africa.

Enter your wildlife career. Explore our camps.

Mara Training Centre

Located on the banks of the Mara river,
the camp is nestled between communities
and wildlife conservancies.

Makuleke Concession

Explore the untamed wilderness of Kruger
National Park’s Makuleke Concession
with EcoTraining.

Mashatu Game Reserve

Located at the confluence of the Limpopo
and Shashe Rivers, in the eastern
corner of Botswana.

Pridelands Conservancy

A natural wonderland with free-roaming
elephants located in the Limpopo
Province of South Africa.

Selati Game Reserve

A sanctuary for wildlife, providing visitors
an opportunity to witness Africa’s
animals in their natural habitat.

Karongwe Reserve

A unique safari destination that offers
visitors an immersive and unforgettable

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EcoTraining offers career and accredited courses, wildlife enthusiast courses, gap year programmes and customised group travel courses.

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