Why would you choose EcoTraining for your nature courses?

Top ten features why you would choose EcoTraining for your nature courses:

If you’re looking for a training provider that offers a wide range of courses, EcoTraining is an excellent option. Here are the ten top features to consider when choosing the right course for you!

1. Ecotherapy

Regardless of your job – a 9 to 5 one, a flexible hour job, or you barely get to have dinner on time – you need to detoxify your life by entering nature. It will restore your peace and boost your mental well-being. EcoTraining provides the perfect opportunity to experience this. Who knows? Perhaps you’d permanently change your career to being a field guide for a more tranquil alternative.

2. Varying time lengths

EcoTraining fulfils all the varying needs of people who may prefer different course lengths—from a week to a month and even longer. Ensuring you find a period that suits your preference results in the ultimate experience tailored to your requirements.

lion walking in front of a vehicle

Photograph © Christoff Els

Photograph © Marno de Klerk

3. Awareness-raising and education

Immersing yourself in untouched biodiversity and wilderness would raise awareness of its significance. Just as EcoTraining aims to make their courses a tool for transforming people into eco-friendly. Maybe you’ll be more aware of Baobab and Miombo trees after your visit.

4. World-class instructors

What is better than seeking guidance under the masters of the bush from EcoTraining? Learning about the tiny creatures of the bush, to the more giant mammals and experiencing all of this first-hand together with the wealth of knowledge being shared from our Instructors to our students.

5. Full of surprises

The wild, as always, has been unpredictable; that makes it stand out from any other experiences. One moment you are soaking wet from the rain, and the next, you experience a buffalo sighting. It’s all about the learnings you pick up from such moments.

open game drive vehicle with wet students from the rain

Photograph © Karolina Krol

buffalo in water

Photograph © Cameron Clements

6. Learning survival skills

One of the essential learnings of these nature courses would be survival skills – igniting a fire, using the milky way to find your way back and using shrubs for healing purposes. These skills help in cases of emergency and are life-saving.

7. Cultural exchange

Meeting new people is another significant part of the EcoTraining courses. It is an exchange of words from each other’s languages, broken pronunciations and bonding regardless of language, culture or traditions being a barrier. Probably be the purest form of bonding; what makes it better is that it’s all within the lap of nature.

8. Sustainable living

While today’s world relies so much on Wi-Fi and living a plugged-in life, EcoTraining camps provide the opportunity to live a relatively more environmentally friendly life, which could even inspire you to make your life more sustainable.

lioness looking sideways

Photograph © Vinicio Herrera

happy students

Photograph © Cameron Clements

9. Different courses 

Fortunately, EcoTraining offers a variety of courses. You can choose from various courses, e.g. field guide courses, tracking courses, photography courses, birding courses and trail skills.

10. Flexibility  

During Covid, we learned that you don’t need to go in the wild to know about it. Online courses provided by EcoTraining will surely quench your thirst to enhance your knowledge about the natural environment in your comfort.

With these features, EcoTraining makes it easy to find the right course for your needs and start your journey towards a career in wildlife conservation.

Author: Aayat Irfan

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About the Author:
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Aayat Irfan

Aayat is a young budding writer, poet, blogger and changemaker from Mozambique. She is a Yale Young African Scholar alumni and the youngest contributor to Xonguila, a Mozambican travel and leisure magazine, and EcoTraining. She is the first Mozambican to write on 'Voices of Youth - UNICEF.' Aayat's written pieces have been featured on many platforms, including Travel Essence magazine (Dubai) and a US-based news portal called She is a proud winner and finalist in many writing competitions. Some examples would be - the Trust for Sustainable Living student essay competition (UK) and the Vilnius International Project Olympiad (VILIPO - Lithuania). Due to her awareness-raising project for kids on sustainable tips, she was acknowledged by the State of Youth and KidsRights Changemakers (Amsterdam). You can find me curled up on a couch reading, binge-watching a movie or relaxing by the beach when I am not writing.

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