Safari live streaming

EcoTraining in partnership with wildlife broadcasting experts, WildEarth, brings you a 24-hour-a-day channel that delivers authentic live and interactive wildlife experiences.


Live online wildlife experiences

Join our expert EcoTraining Guides on Pridelands Conservancy twice a day as they bring an African safari LIVE to your home.

LIVE Safari Times (summer months)

Sunrise Safari 05:30 GMT+2
Sunset Safari 15:30 GMT+2

LIVE Safari Times (winter months)

Sunrise Safari 06:30 GMT+2
Sunset Safari 14:30 GMT+2

WildEarth is an ecosystem of LIVE wildlife streaming, a complement of staff and guides who love what they do, and a host of viewers that are passionate about our natural world “If you cannot get on a Safari, they will bring the Safari to you”.

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