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The Things my Shoes have Seen

I found myself speed walking to gate number C6 at Cape Town International airport. With way too many bags strapped over my shoulders, I shuffled towards the stairs going to the desired gate. From nowhere a friendly face stopped me and drew my attention to my shoes, this literally stopped me in my tracks.
The Ladies Guide to the Bush - Ecotraining

The Ladies Guide to the Bush

The African bush, there truly is no place like it. Life evolves around nature, the rising and setting of the sun, where the morning bird chorus becomes your alarm clock and the sound of the nocturnal birds, frogs, and insects sing you to sleep. Living in the remote African wilderness can be idyllic, but it also presents a unique set of challenges that will at times push you out of your comfort zone.
Game Ranger vs Safari/Field Guide - Ecotraining E Learning

Game Ranger vs Safari/Field Guide

People often confuse the terms “game ranger” and “field guide”. There is a difference, and here is why…
Elephant Close to tent - Ecotraining - Chamomile Tea with Elephants

Chamomile Tea with Elephants

The shortest day in Selati, could have started like many others. We all start to stir just before the sun starts to come up, drinking our morning tea and coffee around a fire, except today was different. We were awoken by the sounds of Elephants and Lions, who were on the opposite side of the riverbank somewhere close to the camp. These two magnificent animals were not very happy with each other, one had obviously disturbed the other and they were busy telling each other off, each trying to stake a claim to that particular area.

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