7/14-day EcoQuest Course

The EcoQuest course provides an in-depth bush learning experience. It incorporates aspects, such as ecology, animal tracks and tracking, and basic bush skills.


Experiential learning

Because the EcoQuest programme emphasises experiential learning and hands-on activities, you will learn without even realising it. The course discusses a wide range of subjects, including symbiotic relationships in nature, the ecosystem, poaching problems, and the interactions between all elements of the ecosystem, including the role of humans.

EcoTraining’s wildlife course is also personal, with no more than 20 participants per course. This course fosters closer relationships with other nature enthusiasts on the programme. You’ll spend your EcoQuest course at camps in prime wildlife areas and take twice-daily wilderness hikes or game drives.

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What to expect from the 7/14-day EcoQuest Course

A deeper understanding of the natural world

If you’re interested in reconnecting with nature and learning about the processes that support the vast array of living organisms in the world, EcoQuest offers the perfect opportunity. This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the natural world and the chance to meet like-minded people who share a passion for nature.

Gain a whole new perspective

During the course, you can expect to witness the breathtaking African sunrise and explore the wonders of the wilderness in a life-changing experience. The course covers a wide range of topics, including ecology, common trees and shrubs, animal tracks and tracking, bird identification and behaviour, animal behaviour, astronomy, orientation and navigation, bush skills and the correct use of binoculars for photography. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on life and leave with unforgettable memories of your immersive learning holiday.

Where the course takes place

The 7/14-day EcoQuest Course is is held at up to two of our EcoTraining Camps in Southern Africa.

The benefits of taking the 7/14-day EcoQuest Course

These programmes offer a remarkable opportunity to refine your bush skills and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With a hands-on and experiential approach, you’ll acquire knowledge in a way that feels effortless. EcoQuest is an extraordinary way to learn and broaden your horizons.

What you can expect to graduate with

Entry level requirements

What to pack

We’ve put together a useful packing list for you so you know what you need to bring with you on this course.

What kind of clothing, gear, bedding, toiletries and shoes you’ll need to be comfortable and make the most of your time in the African bush.

No need to guess or overpack.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Course dates

7-Day EcoQuest:
09 March – 15 March 2024 (Makuleke)
07 July – 13 July 2024 (Makuleke)
05 October – 11 October 2024 (Makuleke)
16 December – 22 December 2024 (Makuleke)

14-Day EcoQuest:
24 December 2023 – 06 January 2024 (Makuleke)
09 March – 22 March 2024 (Makuleke)
01 May – 14 May 2024 (Botswana & Karongwe)
07 July – 20 July 2024 (Makuleke)
09 November – 22 November 2024 (Karongwe & Makuleke)
22 December 2024 – 04 January 2025 (Makuleke)

FAQ about the 7/14-day EcoQuest Course

Explore the infinite variety of living organisms in nature and the underlying elements that support them during the course. EcoQuest offers a perfect opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and understand its processes while meeting like-minded people who want to be more than mere spectators of nature.

EcoQuest takes meaningful nature holidays to the next level. You will live fully immersed in nature in unfenced wilderness camps during the course – experience days filled with learning, game drives, nature walks and unforgettable wildlife encounters.

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From the field on the 7/14-day EcoQuest Course