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Take a live safari from your lounge

WildEarth TV is the closest you’ll ever get to a full-blown African safari without leaving your lounge. It’s 100 per cent live and riveting. The concept is life-changing and more addictive for nature lovers, who can enjoy real-time safaris twice a day – beamed to them from wild places across South Africa.

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The Purpose of a Safari Field Guide in Conservation

When I think about Africa, I think of a safari. I see people travelling worldwide to view the magnificent wildlife and scenic game reserves only Africa can offer. Some prefer to jump in their vehicles and explore the wilderness independently, while others feel more comfortable with a specialist guide. The upside of taking a guided safari is that you will be entertained and educated for the entire duration of your safari. An interpretive safari creates meaningful and unexpected encounters when you least expect them.

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group of birders

A Birding Trip to Remember

On 13 May 2022, 20 participants from BirdLife KZN Midlands met at 14h00 at the Pafuri Gate north of the Kruger National Park. We loaded our gear into two game vehicles (fortunately, one with a trailer) for the 45-minute drive to the EcoTraining Camp. We were allocated our tents on arrival, as everyone was keen to unpack and get going.

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Footloose and Free

Jean-Louis Devaux’s life story should be a book. Born in France, he grew up in Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa and has lived in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Gabon and the Ivory Coast. He’s lived in nine countries, and his English has hints of accents from all over.

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iconic kenya

What makes Kenya great?

In case you need to remember why Kenya became a top-class tourist destination in the first place, we want to remind you of all the positive aspects this country offers. We encourage you to add Kenya and EcoTraining to your travel bucket list.

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Follow your Heart

From Sydney, Australia, Sam Bakel tried to convince himself not to come on an EcoTraining course. But instead, he signed up for the one-year Field Guide course and is so happy he did. He says, “the benefits and memories are just incredible.”

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EcoTraining students on foot watching elephants

A snapshot of Pridelands

It’s a splendid sunshine day in Pridelands, where wildlife wanders freely through and around the camp with no fences between the conservancy and the iconic game reserve. It’s a magical space to learn bush lore and reconnect with the essence of the natural world. It’s also a busy camp, with plenty going on all day.

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Say no to nothing

Back up at Makuleke Camp, Rufus Cottrell is medium build with a prominent personality. From Kent in the UK, he has a wicked sense of humour and an unshakeable spirit of adventure. Rufus recently completed the one-year Professional Field Guide course, but he has plans beyond that. “I want to guide in Kenya, but if not, somewhere wild like Rwanda or Zambia.” And there’s little doubt he will do just that.

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Prof Sarah Frits in Makuleke

Let the African Bush be your Teacher

Prof of Wildlife Biology and Ecology at Texas State University, Sarah Fritts, was a student of Prof John Carroll in 2003 while at the University of Georgia. That year, with the help of Prof Carroll, she figured out how to get to Africa on a research project, studying traditional healers in the Makuleke culture. Nineteen years later, back in Makuleke Camp with Prof Carroll, investigating how to bring her students to learn in Africa.

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Prof John Carroll

Studying online for reward and fun

Prof John Carroll has been coming to Africa and bringing university students to do EcoTraining courses for over 20 years. He’s the Director of the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and his ‘ out-of-the-box thinking during Covid enabled some of his students to incorporate EcoTraining’s Online Field Guiding course into their university degree.

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Mara Training Centre

Located on the banks of the Mara river,
the camp is nestled between communities
and wildlife conservancies.

Makuleke Concession

Explore the untamed wilderness of Kruger
National Park’s Makuleke Concession
with EcoTraining.

Mashatu Game Reserve

Located at the confluence of the Limpopo
and Shashe Rivers, in the eastern
corner of Botswana.

Pridelands Conservancy

A natural wonderland with free-roaming
elephants located in the Limpopo
Province of South Africa.

Selati Game Reserve

A sanctuary for wildlife, providing visitors
an opportunity to witness Africa’s
animals in their natural habitat.

Karongwe Reserve

A unique safari destination that offers
visitors an immersive and unforgettable

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