Thoughts from the African wilderness

Have you ever felt the soothing coolness of the gentle current of a river as you step into it after a day’s good walking along ancient, dusty pathways that wend their way through the pure wilderness?

Have you ever slowly walked across a floodplain at sunrise and run your hand through the dropseed grass as it glows gold in the rising light and the promise of a new day?

Have you ever woken up to the eerie whoop of a hyena in the creeping darkness, and just lain still in your sleeping bag as the mystery of the African night embarrassed you?

Have you ever been so close to a wild African elephant on foot that you can’t help but stare into its wise and beautiful, hazelnut-coloured eyes, as time seems to stand still and life takes on a more natural, authentic and wild meaning?

If not, then, my friends, you have not lived …

About the Author:
Annemi Zaaiman

Annemi Zaaiman

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