Masai Mara EcoQuest

This EcoQuest program is based on our EcoQuest program in South Africa and Botswana and includes unique elements which reflect the fascinating dynamics occurring in the wildlife areas of the Mara. It is an immersive educational safari for those wanting to visit Kenya specifically and the seven day to two-week durations fit perfectly with the wildebeest migration and other Kenya travel plans.

Why do the Masai Mara EcoQuest?

This Kenyan wildlife course is based on the same foundation as the South African and Botswana EcoQuest course except it includes fascinating dynamics occurring in the wilderness areas of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Whilst absorbing all there is to know about nature on game drives and nature walks, participants also learn about the three-way relationship that exist between the local communities, wildlife and conservation efforts. It is an immersive educational safari for those wanting to visit Kenya specifically. This wildlife course in Kenya is a great fit for wildlife enthusiasts wanting to gain a greater knowledgeable understanding of nature while experiencing East Africa’s wildlife. The Masai Mara EcoQuest course fits perfectly with wildebeest migration and other Kenya travel plans. Participants enjoy daily bush activities on the Mara plains teeming with wildlife; learn to track and trail game; learn about the fauna and flora, study the Kenya night skies and get to know how the ecosystem works.



Facts about nature:

  • an introduction to ecology
  • animal tracks and tracking
  • birding and plant identification
  • animal behaviour
  • astronomy

Life in the Mara: explore and learn about

  • wildlife cohabitating with communities, their cattle and crops
  • conflict between pastoralists and the wildlife competing for space and food
  • community schools and sports amidst the Mara conservancies
  • conservation models involving cattle in wildlife areas
  • the rhino sanctuary

Located alongside the Mara River, the center is nestled between community villages and wildlife areas.  Some of these courses dates overlap with the world-famous migration in Kenya and Tanzania so the options for a diverse exciting visit to Kenya are many!


01 July – 07 July 2022 ( 7 days)

01 July – 14 July 2022 (14 days)

20 August – 02 September 2022 (14 days)

02 September – 08 September 2022 (7 days)

14 December – 20 December 2022 (7 days)

14 December – 27 December 2022 (14 days)