Wildlife Photography

Taking great wildlife photos is not as easy as it looks. Not only does one need creativity and technical knowledge, but also knowledge and understanding of one’s subject matter.

“I really enjoyed my stay here, it was a fantastic experience. We had amazing instructors [who] were really helpful and gave us a brilliant opportunity to see amazing animals.”
Kate Perry – April 2014

We start the wildlife photography course with a discussion on the equipment needed to become a versatile wildlife photographer, and then go on to discuss the various elements that combine to make a good wildlife photograph.

Participants will spend mornings and afternoons in the bush looking for photographic opportunities, followed by a lecture each day and constructive criticism of any digital photos taken during each activity.

Why do the course?

The Wildlife Photography workshop aims to reveal the thought processes behind the making of a good wildlife photograph. The course will give photographers time and opportunity to put these thoughts into action in the field, under the guidance of an experienced wildlife photographer. 

A practical course that makes all the difference to learning
(Photo by Etienne Oosthuizen)

A practical course that makes all the difference to learning

What does the course consist of?

  • Module 1: Understanding exposure
  • Module 2: Composition
  • Module 3: Understanding light
  • Module 4 : Photographic guiding skills
  • Module 5: Editing images and social media


  • Equipment, lighting
  • Backgrounds
  • Depth of field and exposure
  • Composition
  • Impact
  • Storytelling
  • Action/motion sequences



2017 R9 450

2018 R11 250


2017 R12 450

2018 R16 740

Our winning formula

You will be based in camps in prime wildlife areas, and partake in wilderness walks or game drives twice a day. You could be trained in two different game reserves, exposing you to a diversity of habitats and species. No other training provider can match this variety of training environments, or the frequency of practical activities we offer.

Movement and light beautifully captured in this photograph
(Photo by Etienne Oosthuizen)

Movement and light beautifully captured in this photograph

Course dates

3 August-9 August 2018 (Makuleke)