Africa’s Big Tuskers

Africa Big Tuskers – elephants with tusks that sweep the earth’s surface were once spread throughout the continent. The 19th century saw an unfortunate turn of events for them with ivory becoming one of Africa’s most popular trades.

These majestic and once impregnable creatures were rendered endangered. The greedy indulgence of the 19th century and continued poaching of elephants has not gone without consequence. These big tuskers are now only found in a select few location-their sorry populations now reduced to specs on our continent.

Africa's Big Tuskers - Elephant
Photograph © Tristan Govender

Among these few, is Ezulwini, a formidable bull and one of the last tuskers to roam the Greater Kruger. It’s a name befitting of such an elusive and calm elephant (Ezulwini translates to heaven). This well-mannered and graceful elephant astonished all visitors that come across him. It is no wonder why they’re intrigued by his strength and control-commanding respect wherever he goes. His defining trait, his curiosity. Always inquisitive and polite to new people and other elephants. He meanders great distances throughout the African Bush, his journey long from over.

Africa's Big Tuskers - Elephant - cover
Photograph © Tristan Govender

EcoTraining Wildlife Highlights: Ezulwini

Let’s take a look at the mightily Ezulwini. One of the last great tuskers to walk the Kruger National Park.

About the Author: 

Tristan Govender a previous EcoTraining Media Intern and Freelance Blogger.

About the Author:
Picture of Tristan Govender

Tristan Govender

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