Birds of a feather flock together?

In the 24 years that EcoTraining has provided field guides and nature courses to people from all walks of life, it is remarkable to see these very different people have one strong thread in common – their passion for nature and conservation, as is EcoTraining’s too.

As a new EcoTraining participant, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when day one of your course arrives. You have just said goodbye to everything you are so familiar with to spend one year in the African bush with new faces and new people in remote places. It doesn’t take long for you to realise that you are not really alone as you meet like-minded people who have embarked on the same journey that you have. This experience that felt daunting yet exciting now becomes your friend and makes EcoTraining your home from home.

Watch this video to see how people from different backgrounds came together on one course. Today they have formed unbreakable friendships after sharing their life stories with one another and facing their fears and relations in the wild

No matter what your age, occupation or gender, if you live for the same goal you will naturally connect with the people around you.

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Annemi Zaaiman

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