Celebrating Planet Earth

It is a privilege for all of us to spend time on this magnificent and amazing place that we call Earth. This is our home and it is our responsibility to look after her.

In the fast-changing world we live in today, with Social Media like Facebook, wireless internet and airborne drones sending a live feed to our smartphones, we sometimes forget to reflect and realize that the magical natural world is out there waiting to be discovered. This cannot be done by surfing on the internet or putting on a virtual reality headset, but by walking with a real backpack, real shoes and see real gentle giants (elephants) with people that really care and share our ethics and passion for conserving the wilderness.

Elephant encounter on foot (c) Norman Chauke

Having this said, unfortunately, there are so many conservation challenges that need urgent attention.

One of these is the serious issue of Plastic pollution. At EcoTraining we try to teach our students how important it is that an individual can make a difference. By setting an example and truly focus on conservation, people will follow and this will turn into a team effort.

This is exactly what we are doing at the EcoTraining Makuleke camp, we pick up any rubbish, plastic and anything else that does not belong in the natural world. It really is so easy. Whether you are a guide, a manager, an instructor or a car guard, you can make a difference.

Future Conservationists in the making

If you ever thought that you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito…

Let’s set an example and win this game called conservation!

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Jasper Visser

Jasper Visser

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