Charley Boorman’s sidekick and manager, Billy Ward, joins EcoTraining’s Field Guide course

Charley Boorman is the face behind an international adventure travel brand with a host of TV documentaries, books and live shows. He is synonymous with adventure travel and discovery. Hence why we partnered with him to send his friend and business partner, Billy Ward, on our Field Guide course to become a professional Safari Guide.

Billy underwent 55 days of intensive and practical field guide training and has just qualified as an FGASA Field Guide. The program took place at two of our unfenced wilderness camps where a variety of subjects were covered to prepare him to be a competent guide for his future bike tours across southern Africa.

We asked Charley what motivated this decision to get Billy qualified with Eco Training.

Riding motorcycles across Africa is one of the most incredible adventures you can have on your bucket list. The motorcycle allows you to be part of that environment, not just a spectator looking out through the window of a car. You can smell the air, the dust and yes – the animals. To have Billy trained by one of the leading authoritative organisations in the field will be an amazing asset to our business and our client’s experience. Using Billy’s knowledge we can get our riders to understand more about the areas they’re riding through, the animals and the delicate balance of this incredible ecosystem that is Africa. Of course, he’ll be a bit full of himself now with all this knowledge – he’ll be after my job! But seriously, I’m proud to see that he’s done so well and look forward to getting back to Africa with Billy and our clients”

For more information on the EcoTraining FGASA Field Guide level 1 course, click here

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Annemi Zaaiman

Annemi Zaaiman

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