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Like a Master Tracker does when the animal’s trail suddenly changes direction; we will stop, re-evaluate the track evidence, and think again about where the animal has gone. The last few weeks have been about getting into the skin of this new animal we are tracking, these ‘new normal’ people speak of – to understand how we may best serve our students.

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With that being said… EcoTraining has just launched our first-ever online training course. Scheduled to start on the 10th of June 2020, we want to offer a far greater audience the opportunity to become a Field Guide – from the comfort of your home!

EcoTraining Field Guide online course

For 8-weeks, participants who took the online course will receive live interactive lectures from EcoTraining’s very own specialist instructors. Some of the most experienced guides in South Africa. For the first time ever, we bring years of tacit knowledge of the African Bush to our brand-new virtual classroom. The live lectures will be accompanied by a comprehensive Q&A session, a theory review as well as workbook support.

For only R8,999, EcoTraining will thoroughly prepare you for your FGASA Apprentice Field Guide qualification. The rate also includes FGASA registration, workbooks, and the FGASA Theory examination.

OPTIONAL Practical Component – To complete the full FGASA Apprentice Guide qualification, you will need to complete a 35-day practical component. EcoTraining is offering a once-off special combo deal of R58, 305 which includes both the online learning and practical component of the course.

  • Online Course dates: 10 June – 05 August 2020
  • Practical Course dates: 15 October – 18 November 2020

10 reasons why you should become a Field Guide

Whether you are looking for a career in nature or simply want to learn more about nature, then the EcoTraining Field Guide course is for you. If you have a genuine passion for nature, love of people, and wildlife you can study towards your dream career right now.

Here are some reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity;

  1. You get to experience the wonders of nature on a daily basis in the comfort of your home.
  2. When you get to our camp you will experience regular wildlife encounters with charismatic animals in the bush.
  3. Get to meet people from all over the world and get to know different cultures and personalities
  4. Experience nature intimately and fall into its rhythm.
  5. You will be empowered to share your knowledge and to educate other people about wildlife.
  6. Grow as an individual – as you begin to learn nature’s universal truths.
  7. Gain rare insights into animal behaviour, which can be applied to any working biome.
  8. Make lifelong friendships with kindred spirits.
  9. You will get to experience being on foot with wild animals under the mentorship of highly experienced instructors.
  10. The naturalist and interpersonal skills you will learn will equip you to better navigate this fast-changing new world.
Sunset safari
Sunset Safari (c) Willie van Eeden

You can choose from two different options to complete your Field Guide qualification:

  1. Spend 55 days in the African wilderness and learn first-hand as you live and learn in unfenced camps in southern Africa. The FGASA Apprentice Field Guide qualification focuses on vehicle-based guiding in dangerous game areas. During this time you will get the opportunity to complete your theory and practical assessments and you could graduate as a Field Guide in just 55 day.
  2. If you do not have 55 days to spend or are restricted by current lockdown regulations, then the next option is for you. Register for the online course starting on 10 June 2020. Complete live lectures and theory reviews and write the online FGASA examination to complete the theory component of the course. Once you have time or are allowed to travel, then you can join EcoTraining for the 35-day practical component to complete your FGASA Apprentice Field Guide qualification.

No matter what option you choose, EcoTraining is committed to offering the best educational experience to ensure you are prepared and ready to embark on your new adventure as a Field Guide. Choose the Pioneer and Leader in Field Guide training and walk away from your course renewed, refreshed, and empowered.

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