The honeymoon that will live on in our spirits forever

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Cristian and Mimi joined EcoTraining on a 7-day EcoQuest programme in the bush. They learnt about the infinite variety of living organisms that exist in nature, the underlying elements that support this variety life and even how to identify the habits and behaviour of animals. Having hosted guests from all around the world, this humbling experience never disappoints! But don’t take our word for it, this is what Cristian and Mimi had to say about their experience.

“We had a most amazing time at Makuleke camp which was the start of our honeymoon and we were so incredibly impressed. We were so happy that we made this training as part of our trip that we will never forget! The funny thing was that we booked some classy camps afterwards thinking that it would be a great honeymoon experience we should do once in our life’s… oh boy… none of them matched EcoTraining’s camp in guiding competence, personalities, hospitality or food!

We took away so much knowledge and we are now so much more eager to spend more time in the bush (planning a new trip while writing this to you) so we will be back 100% and if I can choose, it will be Makuleke region over and over again in the years to come.

Thanks to everyone in the team for taking the time to answer all our questions, requests, demands etc… EcoQuest at Makuleke was simply outstanding”.

If you want some of this positive energy and adventure, join the next EcoQuest course and reconnect with your own wild spirit! For more information visit our website or email [email protected]

Love her, but leave her wild – Atticus


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