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With a heritage in Pakistan – where his older brother is a wildlife cinematographer – and the USA, where he resides, Liam has also lived in Benin and Madagascar, he speaks English, French and Urdu. Africa is definitely in his blood, and he dreams of returning soon.

“Trails are my favourite part of the course, walking around, exploring and seeing what cool animals we find,” says Liam. “But honestly, I have loved every course we have done. The instructors have so much knowledge and so much to share, and the way they do it is very welcoming and heartfelt. And the camps are amazing, both Selati and here at Pridelands.”

Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill © Marno De Klerk
Liam Mueenuddin – Photograph © Vinicio Herrera

Large mammals and birds are Liam’s favourites, and he says the course has opened a whole new world to him. “Seeing their behaviour and how they interact is impressive. There are so many different birds, and they are so intelligent. Everything is connected: trees, birds, insects, wildlife.

After this, he imagines guiding and freelancing, but first needs to go home to finish university – a four-year degree in Animal Conservation and Wildlife Management.

Lions at Selati – Photograph © Isabelle Fromm

“My big dream is to own a lodge and bring guests to South Africa, but I would also love to work in the Congo, Benin and Pakistan. But really, I will be happy anywhere in Africa. It all seemed impossible before, but now it’s real and feasible. Thanks to this course, I already feel I can go into the industry with a contribution to add. I love the course, the camps, and the instructors; I am learning and having much fun. We have built a beautiful community here, all with a common goal and wanting the same things.”

GoPro Student Perspective | Trails Guide course

Today we look through the eyes of EcoTraining Professional Field Guide students Denise Chopard and Elizabeth Fairall and how they experience their sleepout and 6-hour bush walk. In their quest to find the big-5 on foot, a series of adventures and loads of fun follows. Let us join in on the adventure!

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Keri Harvey is a Travel Writer and Photographer.

For Keri, travel is life, like breathing. She is a modern-day nomad from her home in the Cape to Cairo, Abidjan to Zanzibar, into the Middle East, Europe and Asia. With about 50 countries visited date, her stories are told on blogs and websites and in over 3 000 magazine feature articles spanning over 20 years.

Previously an award-winning editor on various South African lifestyle, travel and wildlife publications, Keri has worked freelance since 2001 and published articles in over 100 magazine titles. Every day, Keri wakes up to write or to travel, and her greatest wish is to inspire people through her stories to pack their bags and allow the travel bug to bite.

About the Author:
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Keri Harvey

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