The Masai Mara EcoQuest Course in Kenya

Andreas Fox, EcoTraining instructor hosted the Chinese group brought to South Africa by Ye-Travel who did the Masai Mara EcoQuest Course. Life as a field guide as you can imagine, they get to see a lot of things and are always present when amusing and precious moments occur with guests.  Andreas shares his memories of the Masai Mara EcoQuest course.

Andreas Fox, EcoTraining Instructor (c) Gesa Neitzel

1. What was the guest’s favourite location to visit?

“The groves of Euclea trees just East of Camp make for a magical setting, especially at Sunrise. We had many walks and a picnic there too, at the request of the group.”

2. What was the most surprising thing you saw the guests do?

“The guests brought portable WIFI machines for the drives!”

3. What was the scariest moment if there were any?

“We had a standstill with a breeding herd of buffalo that ended up snoozing around our vehicle while we were away on a walk. We managed to eventually get to our vehicle.”

4. What were the local Kenyans that the guests met like?

“Very welcoming! The local guides, Moses Nampaso and Wilson Nampaso are amazing and the cultural boma was a highlight for the guests. All the locals greeted us and waved as we drove past them.”

Moses Nampaso a local Masaai Guide with EcoTraining sharing a group photo with the Chinese guests (c) Tigris Zhang

5. Did you find any sightings worth mentioning?

“From the first day, we saw Lions on every game drive for three consecutive days as well as sighting a Leopard and its young cub.”

(c) Tigris Zhang

6. What did the guests feel about the unique African cuisine?

“The guests found the local cuisine very strange to what they were used to eating in China, they tried Ugali (Kenyan pap) and Sukuma-wiki (Kale). Also, the safe natural organic spring water that filters through the taps tastes slightly earthy and this was not popular”

Local Kenya cuisine. Source: African Food Recipes. Photographer: Unknown

7. What were the most memorable things that guests did on the Mara EcoQuest?

“The youngest child that was on the course was very articulate and often translated for his parents. Seeing him swap from being the official interpreter to playful kid was always fun.”

“Another guest, used face paint to turn herself into a leopard one day and a zebra the next. It was very creative and enjoyable to see.”

(c) Tigris Zhang

8. What was the best moment of the entire trip?

“Seeing the leopard and cub, within a stone throw distance from a male lion that had stolen their Grant’s gazelle kill.”

Leopard and her cub (c) Tigris Zhang
Male lion with the kill he stole from the Leopard and her cub (c) Tigris Zhang

9. What did the guests go home with other than lots of dirty clothes?

“Lots of selfies and group photos!”

Giraffe encounter on foot (c) Tigris Zhang
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