Meet Lazarus, EcoTraining’s newest instructor

Lazarus Moalosi, also known as Lazi, was born and raised in Bobonong Village in south-eastern Botswana. During weekends and school holidays, he visited and helped his parents on a farm called Toevlugsoord Ranch which was situated on the banks of the Limpopo River. Whilst there, his brother used to take him out on patrol. On many occasions, they encountered elephants, eland, impala, kudu, and hippos as well as plenty of smaller animals. These early wildlife encounters inspired Lazi and instilled in him a great love of the bush.

Upon completing senior school, Lazi was determined to study in the field of nature and conservation. He enrolled at the Speciss College in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and graduated with a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management. He returned to Maun and started working as a travel consultant. This was an excellent experience for him, as it allowed him to learn what guests are looking for on their travels. It did not, however, satisfy his urge to be in the bush. Lazi continued his studies as a guide and was subsequently employed as a trainee guide with Wilderness Safaris at Chitabe Camp. He later worked at other Wilderness Safaris camps including Little Vumbura, DumaTau and Vumbura Plains.

Lazi joined Wilderness Safaris Explorations and the Private guiding department in 2013. This meant that he had passed his weapons and proficiency examinations and had done several walking assessments which includes over 1000 hours on foot in big game areas. Over the years Lazi has also taken up interests in astronomy, birding and wildlife photography. He also believes that wildlife images and education used along with modern technology have the ability to be a big tool in conservation and wildlife protection. Lazi does his best to promote conservation by posting wildlife images and educating people on social media.

Lazi has a particular interest in tracking, ecology and nature conservation. His passion and determination ensure he will never give up while on the tracks of game. He has a vibrant personality and enjoys birding and astronomy. The combination of his great knowledge and bubbly personality will ensure that a safari, and now an EcoTraining course with Lazi is a memorable experience.

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Annemi Zaaiman

Annemi Zaaiman

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