Top 8 Wildlife And Nature Podcasts To Listen To

1. BBC Earth

The BBC Earth podcast is every bit as high quality as you would expect from a BBC production. Instead of watching wildlife, this podcast immerses you in the experience of nature through your auditory senses. The BBC expertly weaves human stories and nature sounds together to create a sensory exploration of the wild. Some of the most recent episodes covered topics such as wildlife extinction, an exploration of the ocean’s depths, and a close brush with death in the form of a lioness. Anyone seeking an escape into nature should definitely consider listening to this brilliant podcast by the BBC.

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2. On The Wing Podcast

Bird-hunters should give the On The Wing Podcast by Pheasants Forever a listen. The podcast features the stories of Pheasants Forever, a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible hunting of pheasants and quail. The group consists of 145,000 members that including wildlife biologists and other field experts.

“Anyone interested in pheasant hunting and the preservation of this experience as a pastime should consider listening to this podcast,” advises Michelle Nguyen, a writer at UKWritings and Ukservicesreviews. “Pheasants Forever strives to ensure habitats are protected in order to promote a thriving population of pheasants, quails, and other wild game.”

3. Safari Stories

Safari Stories is a podcast created by Trunks & Tracks co-founders Jomi Krobb and Hadley Pierce. In the episodes, the hosts discuss their best stories from working as safari guides in Africa. These stories include watching a lion pride feed on an elephant carcass, weird baboon behavior, and overly territorial hippos. Anyone with a fascination for Africa’s incredible wildlife and hopes to visit the African bush someday should consider tuning in to this podcast.

4. The Wild With Chris Morgan

The Wild with Chris Morgan is one of the most popular and top-rated podcasts available to wildlife lovers. This podcast rivals the production quality, storytelling, and educational content offered by BBC Earth. The host, Chris Morgan, is a British ecologist and conservationist who focuses chiefly on the conservation of the Ursidae family of mammals, otherwise known as bears, in the Pacific Northwest. In the episodes, Chris discusses the beauty and complexities of nature and its creatures as well as the stories of those who are dedicated to protecting them.

“If you love listening to captivating stories about biology, this is the perfect podcast,”

according to Yvonne Stiles, a wildlife blogger at Eliteassignmenthelp and Revieweal.

“Chris Morgan’s passion and respect for wildlife shines through in each episode.”


5. Wild Animals

All-around fans of animals who want to listen about the crazy adventures of these wild creatures should listen to Wild Animals. In each episode, a wildlife expert tells the story of an animal and its wild behavior. Some recent episodes cover the stories of Josephine, a determined sea turtle, and Diane, a shark who likes to jump out of water.

6. Off Track

One of the best things about the Off Track podcast is that its episodes are recorded entirely in the Australian outdoors. The host, Ann Jones, enthusiastically shares stories about wildlife and nature in Australia. From deadly piranhas to aggressive kangaroos, this podcast is sure to entertain any fan of wildlife.


7. My Life, Wildlife

For anyone who’s ever wanted to see Alaska and its wildlife, the US Fish and Wildlife Service Alaska Region created My Life, Wildlife. Each episode is an interview of a scientist, conversationist, or adventurer committed to the wellbeing of wildlife and their habitats in Alaska. Listeners can live vicariously through the awesome stories of these experts who are living and working in Alaska.

8. The War On Wildlife Podcast

This brief, 12-episode podcast talks about the constant attack experienced by wildlife in this modern world. The hosts, Charlie Moore and Ruth Peacey, interview researchers, activists, and other experts about the ‘war on wildlife.’


Podcasts are an amazing way to immerse yourself in a good wildlife and nature story. Try any of the podcasts above to experience it for yourself.

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About the Author:
Emily Henry

Emily Henry

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