Family EcoQuest

he Family EcoQuest is an educational bush program designed to immerse people of all ages into the African wilderness. By providing an inspirational adventurous experience, hearts and minds of both young and old are awakened and slowly yet steadily an army of green warriors is created.

At EcoTraining, we believe that by exposing children at an early age to wildlife, nature conservation and life-giving ecosystems, they will gain a deeper appreciation of our natural world.   Ultimately we aim to create a future generation of environmentally-conscious citizens.



As well as spending time absorbed in an African bush camp, the course aims to expose both children and adults to the following outcomes:

  • Explore and become passionate about African wildlife and the environment in which it is contained
  • Learn fun and practical life skills including bush survival skills
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the common plant and animal species
  • Learn about the dependency of organisms on each other and the environment to survive
  • Study astronomy and the ancient stories of the stars
  • Become more aware of the current conflicts between humans and wildlife in Africa
  • Explore the current conservation initiatives being utilised in Africa
  • Get closer to EcoTraining’s mission of creating Guides and Guardians our the natural world 


  • The web of life
  • Basic identification of plants and animals
  • Basic birding knowledge
  • Reptile identification
  • Insects, spiders, scorpions
  • Animal tracks and tracking
  • Star-gazing – the basics of astronomy
  • The inter-relatedness of all the species
  • Bush survival skills including navigation and orientation
  • Extinction – what it means
  • Competition at end of course – the safari guide challenge

*The course is dynamic and can be modified according to interest levels, required outcomes, weather, etc.

Our winning formula


You will be situated in one of our secluded bush camps tucked into a wilderness environment.  You will explore the unique wildlife and habitats of the area when you leave camp twice a day for a wilderness walk or game drive.  No other training provider can match this variety of training environments, or the frequency of practical activities we offer.


Watch the young participants in action, fascinated