“I completed the FGASA Level 1 course at Nakavango camp last week. Had a fantastic time and learned a great deal. Mark Gunn is an absolutely fantastic teacher. Incredible knowledge and very fluent way of teaching. Couldn’t have had a better person there for us. This course has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and knowledge to continue exploring.”

Daan Hendricks — February 2015


This FGASA endorsed, CATHSSETA accredited course is the entry level qualification for field guiding which encompasses vehicle-based guiding in dangerous and non-dangerous games areas. Once qualified, the guide is able to identify and interpret biodiverse elements of the natural environment.  The guide will be able to conduct game drives for guests in a limited geographical area. The syllabus covers a broad spectrum of subjects including 4×4 Game Drive vehicle skills specific for game viewing, species identification and tracking to mention a few.

Time on this course is split between at least two of our remote wilderness camps, maximizing exposure to different areas, wildlife, biomes and biodiversity.

Although this course forms the foundation for a career in field guiding (and many other wildlife orientated careers), this course is suitable for those wanting to simply immerse themselves in nature, as well as build up their own personal knowledge and skills. Upon successful completion of the course, participants can enroll for the EcoTraining Trails Guide Course (FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide status) and specialise in ‘on-foot’ guiding.  Refer to the EcoTraining Trails Guide course section and relevant requirements.


  • Planning of game drives and walks
  • Navigation and orientation
  • Radio procedures
  • Ecology
  • Reptiles
  • Geology and soil
  • Amphibians
  • Fish
  • Mammals
  • Weather and climate
  • Anticipating animal behaviour
  • Plant communities
  • Career opportunities
  • Plant identification and uses
  • Identification and ecology of invertebrates

If you are thinking of enrolling for the EcoTraining Field Guide course, we highly recommend you buy the ‘Your Guide to Guide’ – eBook. The authors put all their knowledge and their passion for this project to help future students to become better field guides and have more time to reconnect with nature while on the course. This eBook was made to lead you through this challenge, supporting you with exactly what you need before & during the course.

You can order your copy from the Digistore here

Our winning formula

This course not only offers excellent value for money but also opportunity. You will be exposed to a variety of natural working conditions because of EcoTraining’s vast network.


FGASA Field Guide Level 1 Apprentice Field Guide LogoFGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) – EcoTraining is an FGASA-endorsed training provider that is accredited by CATHSSETA. We will assist you by registering you with FGASA. FGASA will automatically register you with CATHSSETA.

Course dates

04 July – 27 August 2022 (Selati & Pridelands)

09 August – 02 October 2022 (Selati & Karongwe)

12 October – 05 December 2022 (Limpokwena, Mashatu & Kuduland)

Participants will have the opportunity to attempt their EcoTraining Field Guide Certificate and FGASA Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2) qualification, by successfully completing a theoretical and practical assessment. These assessments will be conducted by our instructors (who are accredited FGASA assessors) at our camps, during the course.


  1. EcoTraining Field Guide, (Nature Site Guide NQF2 (CATHSSETA) qualification)
  2. FGASA Apprentice Field Guide
  3. EcoTraining Field Guide Certificate of Participation