Christmas comes early at EcoTraining

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Thank you for taking the time to read more about this special gift. First off, we at EcoTraining sincerely appreciate you and all your generous support and interest in EcoTraining this year. The successful growth of our organisation is the direct result of you, our valued friends of nature. Your dedication and commitment serve as a vital link in the chain which drives our operation. In recognition of that commitment, this is simply our way of saying “thank you” and that we look forward to serving you in the future.

(c) Cara Pring

We have successfully run a total of twelve FGASA Field Guide level one courses and five one year Professional Field Guide courses, not to mention all the other shorter nature courses throughout the year. We have had the opportunity to host nature lovers from all over the world and it’s been our most absolute pleasure imparting knowledge about the importance of our sacred biodiversity here in Africa. We assert that nature conservation is about people and by reconnecting people with nature, has the immense power to effect positive change in the world.

(c) Samantha Davies

In celebration of this festive season and our relationship with you, we would like to give you, our loyal supporters an early Christmas gift. Enrol on the 1-year Professional Field Guide course starting on the 4th January 2018 and get a minimum of R20, 000.00 off the total course rate. You may share this offer with someone special if you wish, send us an email with the subject line ‘Festive PFG’ to [email protected]. This special is only valid until the 31st December 2017 and there are only a few spots left!


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