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Currently busy with her PhD in Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Nebraska Lincoln in the USA, Katie Campbell completed the online Field Guide course via Zoom in August 2021. Now she’s happily on the ground at remote Makuleke Camp in the northern Kruger National Park, doing the practical aspect of the online course. She says she thoroughly enjoyed the online component, and the trainers were excellent; the valuable part of the course is just as enjoyable. 

Makuleke wildlife – Photograph © Christoff Els
Kati Campbell – Photograph © Vinicio Herrera

“The online course teaches skills you can use wherever you work. You don’t need background knowledge to do the course, as the modules build on each other. The course opens your eyes to the earth itself. I believe it’s important to understand nature, which is what EcoTraining offers.” says Katie.

Part of the beautiful Makuleke Concession – Photograph © Scott Ramsay

On her return to the USA, Katie will complete her doctorate and then plans to either be an academic professor and do research or work in a zoo research laboratory. “I may even move to Africa for a few years,” she smiles. But Katie definitely would like to continue the work her Ph D advisor Professor John Carroll is doing – and has done for decades: exposing students to African wildlife and wilderness at ground level. 

“His work and enthusiasm for Africa have had a huge positive impact on my life, and I would like to grant this to my students one day. It’s an unforgettable experience, and I enjoy every bit.” – Prof John Carroll

Makuleke Camp | What you can expect | EcoTraining

Are you considering an EcoTraining course and want to know what to expect from the camps and reserves?

Take a virtual walkthrough of Makuleke camp. The beautiful Makuleke Concession is in one of the most remote wilderness areas of the Kruger National Park. The beauty of this place will blow your mind! And all the incredible wildlife that call this beautiful place home.

About the Author: 

Keri Harvey is a Travel Writer and Photographer.

For Keri, travel is life, like breathing. She is a modern-day nomad from her home in the Cape to Cairo, Abidjan to Zanzibar, into the Middle East, Europe and Asia. With about 50 countries visited date, her stories are told on blogs and websites and in over 3 000 magazine feature articles spanning over 20 years.

Previously an award-winning editor on various South African lifestyle, travel and wildlife publications, Keri has worked freelance since 2001 and published articles in over 100 magazine titles. Every day, Keri wakes up to write or to travel, and her greatest wish is to inspire people through her stories to pack their bags and allow the travel bug to bite.

About the Author:
Keri Harvey

Keri Harvey

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