Rustic Luxury – EcoTraining’s Pridelands Camp 

Discover the rustic luxury at Pridelands camp.

The rustic luxury at EcoTraining’s Pridelands camp are one of the few places left on earth where one can revel in solitude, connect deeply to nature and intentionally immerse oneself in a primitive way of living. The rare opportunity to do these things in a turbo-technological world can and should be considered a luxury. 

Situated on the Pridelands Conservancy just north of Hoedspruit, this camp is privileged to be one of only two EcoTraining camps in the world-renowned Greater Kruger National Park.  

Rustic luxury at its best!

During Summer’s lush Eden, the campgrounds are barely visible until one is right on its doorstep. Each canvas dome tent rests below a dappled canopy, mostly hidden from view. The same applies to the kitchen, and if it weren’t for the mouth-watering aroma of sizzling bacon from the communal dining tent, one would have missed it. The camp chameleons itself into its overgrown surroundings. Any student here can embrace a raw wilderness experience that leaves almost no human footprint on the land. Ablutions are communal. In the early morning, you will greeted by the songs of nocturnal mammals awakening from slumber. Or you are watching elephants while brushing your teeth.  

Off the grid

The camp runs off the grid with power limited to solar energy. On a balmy afternoon between safari activities with no access to a fan, why not string up a hammock between two Marula trees, catching a breeze that twirls off the dam nearby? Replace scrolling social media with watching a hornbill, dedicating hours to finding food for his chicks. 

Camp facilities

Camp facilities are basic yet leave no student wanting after anything. With a well-fed tummy, access to running water and a dry, safe place to sleep, the environment provokes the need for only one thing: appreciation. 

Photograph © Cameron Clements


Simple luxuries are hiding in plain sight at Pridelands, and nature requests that they be noticed and appreciated. 

Photograph © Cameron Clements

Be appreciative of returning to the concrete jungle; one will yearn for these magical moments that left one in awe at EcoTraining’s Pridelands. 

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Pridelands Camp l What you can expect

Are you considering an EcoTraining course and want to know what to expect from the camps and reserves?

Take a virtual walkthrough of Pridelands camp, the reserve’s wild natural landscape, and all the wildlife that calls it home. With regular visits from elephants, hyenas, and warthog, the camp offers a completely immersive experience. We hope this gives you a better idea as to what to expect when staying at Pridelands camp.

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