The Many Fascinating Secrets of a Baobab

Discover the secrets of the baobab.

The Makuleke Concession is one of the most diverse and scenically attractive areas in the Kruger National Park. The area is renowned for its botanically rich landscapes, scattered with towering ancient baobab trees and has abundant wildlife and bird species. Taking a morning bush walk with EcoTraining through the lush wilderness and sitting in a magnificent baobab will be something you will not forget soon.

More than meets the eye.

The Baobab tree holds fascinating secrets that few people know. Cultural beliefs about the majestic Baobab tree are deeply rooted in African history and are often the leading factor in many African tales told to children. In some cultures, people believe that the baobab tree has protective powers and that drinking the water where soaked baobab seeds were will protect them from crocodile attacks. 

The stories of the Baobab tree are not all mystical, and many facts also exist. The bark from the Baobab tree has many uses; one can make rope, mats, baskets, bracelets, paper, cloth and even glue. 

Food for thought

The baobab tree is also called the ‘tree of life’ for various reasons. 

One can use the powder extracted from the fruit to create a refreshing drink similar to lemonade. Source: Baobab Super Fruit
The fruit tastes like a very acidic pear because of the high Vitamin C content, and the pulp of a baobab seed pod consists of six times more vitamin C than an orange. 

If you have baobab powder and fresh fruit, why don’t you try this refreshing, superfood smoothie recipe?

Baobab smoothie recipe:


150-200 gr raspberries, 

150 gr strawberries, 

2 teaspoons Baobab powder, 

50ml apple juice, 

100 ml of water, 

½ banana. 


Start by chopping the banana into pieces, and then put the raspberries, strawberries, baobab powder and lemon juice into a blender.

Add the chopped banana, apple juice and water, and blend!

As simple as that!  

buffalo herd
Photograph © Karolina Krol
a group of people standing in nature
Photograph © Tayla McCurdy

Baobabs and wildlife

Apart from the ancient baobabs trees in Makuleke, there is also an abundance of wildlife in the area. Visiting Makuleke, you can also expect to see herds of elephants, African buffalo, and blue wildebeest, as well as the rarely seen animals such as eland, bushpig and aardvark. Unique sightings of leopards and lions may also surprise you!

Would you like to experience the majestic baobabs, wildlife and nature with all its wonders in the beautiful Makuleke?

Then look no further; EcoTraining offers a 6-day Wilderness Trails Skills course at the Makuleke Concession. The course is for everyone looking to sharpen their wilderness survival skills. It is jam-packed with information, and with our world-class instructors, you will be able to learn everything there is to know about wilderness survival. You will never feel lost in the wild again! 


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