The fascinating birds of the bush

The fascinating birds of the bush

Have you ever had an unforgettable experience with a bird in the wilderness that completely changed your perspective on birding? 

Many people are only fascinated with birds once they go on a birding adventure with an experienced ‘Twitcher.’ It’s over once you’ve caught the bug; you develop such love and fascination for our feathery friends that no bird will ever go unnoticed.

Let us introduce you to a few legendary feathery friends that you’ll likely catch a glimpse of on your next adventure with EcoTraining. 

Birds of Karongwe

Karongwe is a remarkable game reserve in the Limpopo region that is abundant with bird life. These are the birds that you can expect to see in the area:

The battle for Karongwe

Nicola-Anne Jack captured the raw, chaotic battle over territory between two male Verreaux’s Eagle Owls amidst the hush of the nocturnal hours. 

Red-headed Weaver

With meticulous precision, this male Red-headed Weaver bends and weaves slender twigs and tendrils into a cosy home for his future mate.

Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

The ordinary-looking dove with a unique pop of colour rarely sits still, so count yourself lucky if you can catch a shot of this delicately elegant little bird.

Birds of Makuleke

Makuleke is an incredibly diverse area, seen as a birding hotspot among Twitchers. For many people, it is a must-visit place on their bucket list. Birds such as the Pel’s fishing owl, Racket-tailed Roller and Crested Guineafowl are rare, but your chances of encountering them around Makuleke are greater. 

Marie Schmidt captured the intense, penetrating gaze of a Pel’s Fishing Owl, while Sean Matthewson was lucky enough to capture the scarce and gorgeous Racket-tailed Roller. This bird is a masterpiece of understated elegance, embracing a humble presence that bellies its exquisite beauty.


The experience

It’s no surprise to us anymore why most students who join an EcoTraining course, such as the one-year professional Field Guide course, join with no interest in birds whatsoever and leave as full-on, proficient, enthusiastic birders! 

The one-year Field Guide course starts with a basic birding module and ends the year on a high note with an advanced birding module. It is a great all-rounder course for students who are passionate about nature or people seeking a career in the bush as a field guide.

A birding adventure in Makuleke

Our Birding in the Bush course unfolds at the renowned Makuleke camp, a designated Birding Hotspot. The 7-day adventure takes students through diverse habitats where they learn about the birds that occur within each environment—a favourite among Twitchers. 

Join EcoTraining on our next Birding in the Bush course and discover your internal love and fascination for the beautiful birds of Africa!

Sign up for our Birding in the Bush Course today! 

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Meve's Starling l Birds of the Bush

EcoTraining brings you another episode in our Birds of the Bush series. We’ll bring you something about the bush birds YOU want to see each month.

Let’s join EcoTraining Instructor Richard Davis in the Makuleke Concession, the perfect habitat where you can find the Meve’s starling in large numbers. It is surrounded by Boabab & Mopani trees and open ground where they love to feed. They have a glossy, iridescent, bluish colour with a very long, graduated tail.

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