Wildlife Conservation with EcoTraining

Setting the bar in wildlife conservation

As the world gears up to celebrate World Wildlife Conservation Day, EcoTraining, the pioneer and leader in Africa’s safari guide and wildlife training, stands at the forefront of efforts to promote conservation and environmental guardians.

We raise awareness and engage in conversations about endangered species on World Wildlife Conservation Day!

EcoTraining has long been recognised for its credibility and standard of excellence in nature, guiding training and making significant contributions to the safari industry. The organisation offers a range of accredited field guide career courses, gap year and sabbatical programs, short wildlife courses and on-site professional guide training at safari lodges.

Comitted to conservation

What sets EcoTraining apart is its commitment to conservation beyond training individuals to be expert guides. All courses EcoTraining offers are run directly from bush camps in prime wilderness areas across South Africa, Botswana and Kenya. This immersive approach provides participants with an authentic learning experience and fosters a deep connection to nature and a profound understanding of the importance of wildlife conservation.

EcoTraining's conservation initiatives:

  1. Habitat restoration. 
  2. Wildlife monitoring.
  3. Community engagement programmes raise awareness about the challenges facing wildlife and ecosystems.
  4. Emphasising the need for sustainable practices and responsible tourism.

By actively involving local communities in their efforts, EcoTraining ensures that conservation becomes a shared responsibility and a source of pride for all stakeholders. 

“We believe that educating and training individuals is not just about creating guides for the industry but fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment and its inhabitants. World Wildlife Conservation Day reminds us of the urgent need to protect our earth’s biodiversity, and we are committed to playing our part,” said EcoTraining Managing Director Anton Lategan.   

Join the movement in conservation

EcoTraining encourages everyone to join the movement for wildlife conservation. By choosing sustainable practices and supporting organisations dedicated to environmental preservation, individuals can contribute to preserving our precious ecosystems.

Immerse yourself in the African wilderness, expand your knowledge, and embark on a transformative learning experience with EcoTraining.

Sign up for one of our Wildlife Courses today! 

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Conservation within Reserves

We join EcoTraining Instructor Michael Anderson as we take a look at the importance of environmental conservation that takes place in our reserves. We focus on three areas of conservation activities, e.g. brush packing, road maintenance, and fence line maintenance.

The more biodiverse an environment is, the more resilient it becomes against damage. Let us join forces with EcoTraining, our students, and Instructors to experience a piece of the action.

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EcoTraining Pty Ltd

EcoTraining Pty Ltd

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