What the bush can teach us about humility

What the bush can teach us about humility

We are sitting up there in absolute quietness, anticipating that giant animal to walk by. The elephant’s size seems more significant than it did at first glance. Its head is about the same height as the little ledge we are sitting on.

A close encounter

He has yet to notice us. But very suddenly, you see a change in his behaviour. He has caught our smell, and a second after he sees us. Nine people in neutral-coloured clothes, sitting on the edge of a sandstone hill in the middle of the Mashatu game reserve, staring at him. He gets scared, flares his ears (a typical warning sign), trumpets – and storms off. “That was pretty close”, smiles our instructor. We all have a big grin, but our legs are still shaky from excitement when we climb down.

This was just one of many encounters during my 28-day Safari Guide course in the bush that quickly made me realize how small we are. Every animal that could do us harm (which they won’t if you act ethically and responsibly around them) can outrun us.

Yes, these giant, heavy African elephants are faster than us (some can run up to 40 km/h, to be precise). If you ever get charged by one, you need to stand your ground, make yourself big, and talk to them (and yes, that is WAY easier said than done).

No room for ego

The bush keeps you humble because no matter how rich you are, how pretty, how fit, how smart – here you are, just a tiny human exposed to the wilderness with all its wonders and dangers. What the bush can teach us about humility is that there is no room for ego here. Some guides may have to learn that the hard way, which doesn’t come as a surprise since the industry seemed to attract lots of alpha males back in the day (things are luckily changing). If you want to put yourself above others in the bush, seek attention, admiration even – at one point, you will (literally) stumble and get reminded that out here, you better pay attention to the things that matter. Trusting your senses like recognizing sounds, for example, the ones of red-billed oxpeckers that might indicate buffalos or rhinos being close. It would help to realize those small changes in the air early enough to interpret them. To get up that ‘koppie’ if necessary, to sit in silence and appreciate that you are allowed to be part of this wild and wonderful place. 

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Henrietta Reese

Henrietta Reese is a freelance writer, storytelling consultant, and nature guide. She completed her level 1 field guide training with EcoTraining in 2023 and is currently sharing her time (and passions) between Germany, New York, and South Africa, exploring this one wild life. Instagram: @henrietta_reese

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